Sunday, December 11, 2011

Puzzle ^^


First time tau pasai 'shmily' nie, bile terbace cerite yang sweet kat tenet...yang pastinye love story^^...sile la google cari ek..hehe...

maksud shmily nie...see-how-much-i-love-you (^~^.)v
erkkk okey...jiwang sikit banyak ecelly~...haha

Christina Perri- A Thousand Years
Heart beats fast, Colors and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone, All of my doubt, Suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

*I have died everyday waiting for you, Darlin' don't be afraid,
I have loved you for a Thousand years, I'll love you for a Thousand more~
Time stands still Beauty I know she is, I will be brave, I will not let anything take away
What's standing in front of me?
Every breath, every hour has come to this
One step closer
and all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a Thousand years
I'll love you for a Thousand more
One step closer One step closer


( This song, was the ost of Twilight:breaking dawn,;
i love this song~)^^

p/s: ecelly , epal dalam gambar atas tu memang koje aku...dok busan2, potong kulit epal tu, aku gatai2 tangan ukir..haha..pastu miza makan..erkk.."I eat ur heart", katenye..haha

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