Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Enjoy Time^^

Waiting for this Tuesday~...after 2 years...again we gonna enjoy our time together...(though we are in the peak-busy time) we always have time for ourself...hehe =p

to be continue~

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Drawing and Measuring

We have no class from Saturday to basically, just on Friday...but most of my classmate look stress, me too, I've felt the pressure to finish up our FYP...currently keep measuring the brain...erkk I've about 180 images of brain to be measured...erkkk...

good luck friends~(^~^.)/

p/s: amek kau...nak sgt melukis...ha~ hari2 kene lukis dan measured...erkkk...=p

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


       Pouring the hot water into purple mug, put some coffee , eyes keep on watching the laptop, wow, another invitation, but I can't attend it, the date is going to be on my peak-busy-like-crazy...I'm sorry friends...(school break gonna be filled with the wedding or engagement invitation, sadly, I'm not free), two of my friend's special day..AGAIN~ I'll be missed~...congratulation to both of you~

gambar tak da kena mengena...

p/s: Thanks Mieza and Aznie, for the KFC, the second surprise for my birthday....
(though the surprise was spoiled by me myself...haha)...XP

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On my 24th birthday...


Murni gave me the lollipops as present~...hehe ^^

        My dad was the first one who wished me at 12, then my mum...their words have encouraged me, and put me in strength to face the reality...i love both of you...

I've been sleeping most of the day, there was nothing special to do ( to hang-out ecelly), because my friend can't drive (Mieza who was the leader a.k.a our travel-agent was not here) so I'm the only one who can drive in our 'geng' available here, but ( i were too lazy to even touch the steering), there was no celebration for me. The day was filled with hearing the construction beside our hostel banging tru my head and watching the technician put the IIUM mosque's name board.

At night, I felt this birthday gonna be so bored, so I make the decision :

U are invited 2 join me tonite,
Venue: Secret Recipe
Time:  8pm
VIP:   me
Driver:   me
Objective: I'm craving for SR.hahaha
Budget: self budget...TQ

I've sent this messages to Mieza, Miera, Azni, Arni,, just Arni and azni were here to join me...never mind, .I drove till we reach at Berjaya Megamall, ( we want to see our junior at IIUM fest.) but sadly, we reach there late, when they were already clean up the place ( shame on us haha) sorry jr.~

Then we went to SR, we bought 3 slices of cake, (I indulgence lots hehe)...Black Forest for Azni .., and Cheeze Choc for Arni .. then we stop at the burger stall, ( can you imagine, when burger meet cake...oufff our stomach might blow out tonight~)...

erkk...BigMac?? ...(this is for two...not just me!!) hehe

Nearly 12, they ecelly got me some surprise, this was the 1st time I meet Taeyang hehe ...don't get me wrong...taeyang is a softy-teddy-monkey...erkkk...the first word i told them was...
"Hey I'm 24~"..haha  screaming happily (inside)..this is the 1st teddy I got since my mum bought it for me when I'm 3 or 4 years old..haha~ I have to wait till 20 years to got it as present.

Today (monday), my researchmate and I went to HTAA, to collect our data, I reach at my room from HTAA at 6pm...suddenly,  I saw a familiar box on my table , its' White Chocalate Macadamia....thanks Fadz, for giving me another slice of cake (a.k.a calories) haha....

I might not get the cake that I want, but I get two cakes on my 24th birthday...
Thank you friends~

Currently my bed-time-story...The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern~
( nice story...get it from the bookstore nearby) hehe

p/s: haha...I broke the promised...I just want to thank my friends~bye...


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Its 24...

Happy birthday to me, I would love to have this type of cake ( pic above)...snowy strawberry cake....erkk (dreaming~)....haha...anyway, time pass by so fast, I'm 24 now...fighting!!...

p/s: writing this post on 10/4/12...hahaha....

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Too many things to think, 
Too many problems to face,
Too many opportunities to grab,
Too much handwork's to do,
Too much dreams are rubbish...

Don't think just do it, 
Don't runaway just face it,
The opportunity is everywhere,
Do your work one by one,
Not all dreams are rubbish...

p/s: that is why human have two hemispheres of  brain....erkkk =p

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 Possibility by Tiffany Alvord, I didn't own this video, credit to the owner...

This song suddenly so touchy hehe, originally by Katy perry -The one that got away,
cover by Tiffany Alvord and Chester See...

p/s: waiting for Sunday~

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Ayah^^

Ayah, Happy birthday,...its a big 5-0...moga ayah selamat dan berjaya di dunia dan akhirat...i love you~
Ibu, i love you too~ hehe

Aku dengar lagu ni....dah masuk 5kali hari ni...sedey, gembira,...

do like this video at YouTube...i didnt own it, credit to the owner...

Mum, i'm grown up now, ~
If I could turn back time~
you are the number one for me~

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My undergrad FYP ^~^.

Tidur yang tak teratur, semalam aku tidur pukul 12pm, bagun koi2am-6am, tidur balik koi 7-10am...huhuhu...kepala aku dah jadi pening2 lalat ...
(kenape orang kate pening lalat ek? mcm mane taw yang lalat tu pening ek?) haha

Koi 11 aku ngan kawan pergi hospital (bukan sebab sakit tapi) untuk ambil research aku punye data, tup2...orang yang diminta untuk burn image tu cuti seminggu...erkk aku nye FYP bertangguh hari demi hari..hoho

"Please submit your chap.1 (FYP) by this weekk"~.....-From your lovely supervisor-

what!...this week, maknanye esok!!!!!!!!!!! ottoke aku baru dapat sms mase tengah tulis nih...get to go...huhu chapter 1 tak edit lagi..habis aku~

p/s: I have a weird dream...weird enough to make me think of you...(tu la, orang tua kate jangan tido lepas subuh..ketegaq~ haha)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tak Dak Kerja Cari Pasal~

Kelmarin aku luangkan mase tengok adik aku , ikin, jadi peserta perkhemahan pengakap, peringkat negeri yang diadakan kat sekolah rendah ikin je (sekolah ayah jugak)...ayah sebagai guru koku kene la turun padang ..event besar katekan, ..
gile best tengok depe berkhemah,,,haha aku suke je camping ni, tapi yang aku tak suke just susah nak mandi ..hoho

Malam 1st tu aku datang tengok ikin yang tengah syok berprogram ngan member die..haha...sekolah menengah punye khemah sangat unik, ade yang buat dari daun keladi, gajet2 yang lawa2...emm meriah la~

oii mak kau~terkejut aku...bunyi mercun kuat betoi...tapi aku ngan ayah buat bodo je la, ingatkan budak2 ni main mercun sesaje je...tak lame pastu datang cikgu (kawan ayah) kat khemah kami,

"Cikgu2..tadi dengar tak bunyi mercun, cikgu tau tak ade khemah yang terbakar?"kata kawan ayah tu.
"Yeke, ape hal nye, sape yang main mercun tu?"
"Budak2 luar baling mercun ke arah khemah2 budak perkhemahan ni" kata cikgu tadi lagi.

Ayah dan kawan2 bergegas ke kawasan khemah yang terbakar dek mercun tadi, dua orang budak melecur tangan akibat terkena khemah yang terbakar, habis baju dan khemah depe terbakar, yang cedera terus di bawa ke hospital.

"Ini dah jadi kes polis ni~, ape nak jadi la dengan budak2 zaman sekarang ni~"

Dengar ceritanye , ade dua orang budak moto yang datang dekat pagar sekolah dan baling mercun, mercun yang menyebabkan khemah pengakap terbakar tu merupakan cubaan mercun  yang ketiga!!

Yang jadi tanda tnya nye, apekah sebab atau motif budak2 nih baling mercun???semua tertanya2...
agak2 budak nih kempunan nak berkhemah kot....mane pergi akal yang waras ? aku sendiri tak tahu ape rationalnye...hurm~buat malu mak bapak, orang kampung, dan kaum je la mereka2 ni~

ape nak jadi daa~

Give Up~

Dear..... ,

      What should I do? I'm confuse, should I give up,..... really want to shout at them
" I still youngggggg, don't force me erkkkk~" haha =p

p/s: drama queen~
sambil letak gambar zaman hingusan~~ haha perasaan masih hingusan lagi~~