Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tantan's Achievement


Miss me? Its been a long time...and it is new year 2015 already...hehe

2014 Life Achievement & Event.

3 Feb 14- Transfer to new branch workplace near hometown

15 Apr 14- Celebrate my birthday by myself.

31 May 14-Mieza's Wedding at Terengganu

2 Nov 14- 1st Sprint Duathlon at Port Dickson (5km run -30km ride - 5km run)

27 Dis 14- Hidayah's Wedding at Tanjung Tualang

2015 Plan

8 Mac 15 - 1st Half Marathon at Shah Alam

15 April 15 - I don't want to celebrate by myself anymore...can I?

So far, that you have big event for me to join? Feel free to invite me..haha

p/s: rindu..lama tak menulis..