Thursday, February 4, 2016

To whom this might concern: Life

To whom it may concern..

Life is changing all the time. Sometimes it's sad and sometimes it's fun. 
Live every moment to the fullest, because what is it here now, may not be here tomorrow..

Someone that really love you with all his or her heart, you should know, it is very hard to find.
If there is someone like that; He or she is the sweetest of all..

Take his or her hand in yours, because he or she might not be here tomorrow..
Remember, to live every moment to the fullest, because what is it here now, 
may.. not be here tomorrow.

When you notice someone in your eyes, and that make your heart go crazy too, you can try to act 'cool', but it will keep beating faster. So please think about that moment, because that feeling might not be there tomorrow.


If someone love you, don't take for granted of his or her feeling. Because you can ask for his or her forgiveness, but he or she will never forget and the feeling will never be the same anymore. 

When you fall sick, remember this, there is someone who pray for your health, for your happiness; He or she might not show you, but his or her prayer will always be with you. 
So smile and live your life to the fullest.

Our life will eventually reach to the last chapter, treasure all the moment together.
Do all your best in everything, because you will never know, when you will never meet tomorrow..

From the person who always care for you..
till we meet again.