Sunday, June 3, 2012


Dear friend,

15 Days to go, counting, remembering, tearing, tiring, struggling, laughing, loving;
that was what we are doing right now, I personally can see, my friend is behaving like we could make every single day a good memories... 15 days till we grad (most of us will be back to hometown), what we afraid, that we will be independent later, no more the same funny-face friends.
I always think, cant we live near with each other?, cant we go to work together? will there any time spend laughing together? ouhh..what a heavy feeling that I felt.

"It is useless if we have so many friends but never be there when you need em, but it is better to have not so many friends that are always there for you"

p/s: siapkan research dulu~~~ (^~^.)~~~~

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