Saturday, April 30, 2011


Though it seems forgotten

I choked myself, I can't even say anything, as I absent mindedly look at the sky for a while, I began to cry~
"Just forget it...Please just forget it...I'm by myself, so just stop it", I told myself that again and again...
I feel so wrecked, I feel like everything has burnt out, I told myself, that there's no such thing as love for me,
 "Stop and just forget, Please stop and just forget", Even I beg myself that, your image still mingles around my heart~

^^Nothing will happen...even though you forget me, after a few days, it will be okay,
after crying and laughing for such a long time, I fell asleep,
I lift the phone up then put it down, I'm like a fool...just like a fool...I dont know why I do this for several days,
I miss you so much that its driving me crazy, I just want to forget you, I must be really crazy,
It's hard...It's too hard...that why these tears keep blocking my view,
your figure haunts me now...

I cant fall asleep for several days already, I tried to erase my though about you, and once again,
I just cant...
It will be alright because after a little while, I will eventually forget it,
just like how the ice melts, my heart will also melt down~

Now, its about time to forget you...I dont have to go through the hard time like this, but why?
Like a fool...just like a fool, I cannot forget you, just why?
when I cant even ask you to come back.....

Serabut, emo, sabar, bosan, tertekan,.....argghhhhhh~

credit to the video owner akiloveSJ2~~~



アヌム ちゃん~~ said...

salam.menjenguk senpai dekat fukui? sape?huhu

Tantan^^ said...

wslm..kak anum..senpai tu tunang kak anum la...baru perasan tadi tgk gmbar,terkejut saye....haha...saye xda la rapat sgt ngan abg k-chop..tapi kenal la,...haha