Thursday, March 27, 2014

p/s: I'm getting older


My new routine was like 6am wake up,7am go to work, 8am until 5.30pm work, 6.30pm rest at home, 8pm exercise (if I'm not tired..but most of the day I am tired..haha), 10.30pm going to bed and repeat.

I live with my parents,  all my siblings at their school. Being the only child at home was like heaven to me, but the only friend I have at home is TamTam; a grey Persian cat. I guess if Tamtam not here, I would more bored.

Nowadays, I seldomly meet my friends, we just have simple chat via FB and most of the time I would be the one who said good night coz I'm sleepy. I really miss the chance to talk with friends. Really really miss the vacation we once had together.

Nowadays they would be busy with their family. My FB feed was fill up by their wedding and newborn baby picture. Hmmhh..there was the time I feel I'm getting older and older and I accept it..hahaha

"30 is sexy.." said Rain oppa..haha

Btw, somebody said that my drawing had fade too feel the same, I'm trying to find tanjae9 art time..but most of the free time I would prefer to do some workout instead, besides my laptop was not in good condition to draw..the only thing that I have was this phone...hmmm a bit difficult..

That all for today, I will update you with lots more... (^~^.)/


p/s: I'm gaining more interest in attire, sport shoes, sport watch and sportman...opppss..haha

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