Friday, March 28, 2014

Lazy me..


I really hate driving...I'll drive if it really2 needed...sometime I wander if this a side effect or phobia of the road..or it just lazy me..haha but the pro iz I'll save my money.

Today I took my annual leave,  I've 7 days of AL more to be used before here I am on my bed after that big lunch with my family. ..hahaha..what a lazy day..

All my siblings are at home, since it was school holidays and mid-break for them.

This evening I want to jog 10km if I can...I like long distance jog..coz I can clear my mind..haha..

Till then...

Tantan ♡

p/s: merajuk sebab depe xnak drivekan kete nak kuar ipoh..mogok xmau keluar terus..gile malas nak drive..hahaha

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