Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Practical Student~

Dear You,
     I've finish my practical...hoorayy~ Today was my last day at KMC or should I say, my last day as a hypocrite's trying to always smile practical student...I think, I look or act like somebody else, coz today I talk a lot than the other day I was here, and I'm wearing the contact lens which I've stop wearing it about 8 month before. They said that I look a bit 'unusual' and 'wow...she is trying to leave impact toward us'...(which I didnt know what impact it was?) never mind...haha It just my spectacle was eager to increase my lens power which I just realized it yesterday...can you belief it, my lens power have increased 1.0 than before...huhu poor me, I need to meet Mr.Carrot as soon as possible and change into new-old-school spectacle!!! haha
     Today, I do a case, the patient was an old lady, think about it, I always encounter old lady with depression at here (KMC), I need to listen to her...I'm not good to give advice or such, but I'll try to listen more..hurm~

     We (my class) give all the hospital that we had been practical, a gift or souvenir ( it was our class picture), If you go to x-ray department you might find our picture there, I hope they will not forget us. hehehe

     Back from hospital, I drop by the Pelagi laundry, Miza and I sent our whitecoats there. Pelagi laundry remind me of my previous post, which the laundry's lady wrote my name as Dr. Intan, I think the lady already know of our real profession (to-be), so this evening, no more Dr. stated on my resit..hehe...(I'm not sad okey~ ) =p

     Tomorrow, I'll drive back to my hometown with my friend and my brother (which I need to fetch him at Gombak). We will start our journey-to-the-west at the evening, so basically it is a night-drive... huhu...pray for us for a safe journey.
I've to go back as soon as I can coz on Saturday, there will be my cousin's wedding..hehe (^~^.)/ congratulation to her... I bet she will look more beautiful that day..hehe...

okay...I need to go, and packing my bag...

p/s: thank you for read till here...<3

The 20 gorgeous and gentleman maybe...

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