Monday, April 15, 2013

Saengil Chulkaheyo (^~^.)/ 25


Dear you,

How are you? I hope you are fine and in good health, for those who not well, syafakillah, syafakallah , do take your medication.

Today is beautiful day, my special day, yes, i'm the type of person who really make her birth date is the most special date every year...

I've planned this year for my birthday, i want to go Broga Hill, sadly it was cancelled coz my friend couldn't make it... never mind next time i'll go there.

I'm 25 this year, old old old...erkk.."When i'm 25, i already have one daughter...", my mom.. erkkk just ignore it...haha =p

My dad was the 1st person who wish me..*teary eyes* then followed by my mom...(I love you ibu ayah..)

Thanks to my besties , they always there went I need, and always support me... sometime too supportive..erkk hehe

Yesterday, my birthday celebration..(^~^.)/..Ecelly they didnt told me to where-on-earth they want to bring me..until i saw that tall building called KL
here some pictures..hehe

Waiting before go to KL tower, at KLCC..*clean-eyes* cuci mata hehe


trio ddir hehe

here we are...from the KL Tower..sadly the weather not that clear that day...but still nice..the ticket cost us rm50 each.. included the blue coral and animal zone tour. 

stalking swimming pool..beware if you go swimming near any tower...haha

Searching for the Lucky One..ehem3...*didnt found* (T~T.)



then we having lunch at Saba Restaurant , setiawangsa, near jalan jelatek...
Arabic cuisine , I choose the Mandhi chicken rice..deabakk...blurrpp..RM17.
I ecelly open table today..erkk..I pay for them on my birthday celebration haha ..funny~ shouldn't it suppose to be vice versa..haha

somehow trying to eat like

then for tea-time..we go to Wangsa Walk for ChaTime haha =p

Then at night..we met Miera..pizzahut..erkk..see what they did to me...I need to change my handphone into smartphone as soon as possible..haha they even didn't realize that I've taken their dare all of u..=p

half of this is for miera..haha full..nasi arab punyer pasal..

They give me this present which i open it at 12am.. surprise... 

hehe..they know what i need..thank you supporters...i luv you 25 birthday gift is for more fluffy2..miss you taeyang-teddy..haha

Today, I met Miera again,Miera off day today, and I take annual leave on my birthday, somehow i'll feel unhappy if i work on my birthday..
I renew my MyKad..then we go to time square, we watch movie..Dua Kalimah...this movie is good..except certain2 part, coz it make us insaf..hehe
Then we go to Wangsa Walk again..but today with Miera..hehe..I Indulgance a lot..hehe miera belanja..yehoo..(Miera belanje kek dan muvie sahaja..haha)

p/s:  Thanks for being with me and for all the wishes from all of u, I might be nothing to you, but believe me, you are everything to me...(.^~^.)/ kamsahamida, arigato, namaste, terima kasih, thank you..
p/ss: Arney give me scarf and my auntie ask me to redeem my present...yehoo...nak hadiah byk2..yeppi~


Mya said...

pic from kl tower tu very nice :)

Mya said...
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Tantan^^ said...

mya: nice kan..hehe (^~^.)

~Miera~ said...

baru berkesempatan untk mmbaca lol..hehheh